This 80 years old aunty broken her pelvis bone, her condition was improve by wearing Aulora Arm sleeves as pants

Aulora Arm sleeves 骨盘破裂

This mother-in-law wears Aulora Arm sleeves as pants, which successfully improves her health!

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This aunty, who is now in her 80s, accidentally fell at home and broke her hip bone. Since she is old and has some health problems like heart and bone problems, surgery is not possible! The doctor advised her to take medicine (antibiotics and painkillers) to let her body heal itself slowly!

What an excruciating ordeal for an elderly person to be immobile and have to lie in bed for long periods of time to recuperate!

Luckily her family has tried our Aulora series, and they benefited a lot. They decided to have their mother-in-law try the Aulora Arm sleeves. They bought the biggest size and wear it as pants for her mother-in-law to wear 24 hours a day. They also tied the Aulora pants to her injured hip site, hoping to improve her fracture pain problem…

During this period, she also took a large amount of SHIRUTO to help the broken bones recover and reduce inflammation.

In just one month, her pelvic pain has greatly improved! She no longer complains of pain when she moves, and she no longer complains of pain when she was recently moved to a wheelchair. (Before I was lying on the bed and moved a little and kept screaming pain)!

Really happy for herr

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