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BMW DCA Brian Ong and Sherry Liew

Hi there!

We are Brian Ong and Sherry Liew.

We are Diamond Council Ambassador (DCA) in BE International 💎

We've joined the company since 1st June 2018.

Since then, we've helped a lot of friends, family members and many customers from the internet to improve their health condition.

Besides, we have sold to customers all over Malaysia, and many other countries like USA, France, Ireland, Hong Kong, Macao, United Kingdom, Australia, Vietnam, Brunei, Indonesia, Singapore etc.

We would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the support and trust given by our friends and family members as well as all the customers from internet 🌏

Without you, we wouldn't be able to achieve what we have today 🙏

We don't mean to brag by showing the picture above...

We just want to assure you that we are here for long term business and services.

We know the struggles of buying a product from friends or family member where they are just doing partime.

After we bought the product and gets into problem, they cannot help because they promoting the products just for quick bucks.

They will switch to other popular products in a short period because they just want to make money fast.

We all experienced that, and we definitely don't want it to happen to us, right?

So rest assured that this won't happen to you if you getting the product from us, because we will be with the company for long term business as we are in the Diamond level now.

So please buy from us with confidence 👍

If you have any questions or want to purchase SHIRUTO, please don't hesitate to contact me via the button below, I'll talk to you in WhatsApp. Thanks!

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What is SHIRUTO?

SHIRUTO is the vitamin for our immune system.

It is introduced to the market by BE International.

SHIRUTO is made in Japan, it was launched in Malaysia on 5th Jan 2019 at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

SHIRUTO's unique ingredient is IP-PA1

IP-PA1 is the key of a strong immune system.

In short, IP-PA1 is like a vitamin to our immune system.

Shiruto immune system

IP-PA1 binds to the macrophages surface receptor (TLR4) to Activate Macrophages

What is the ingredients of SHIRUTO

SHIRUTO's unique ingredient is IP-PA1

It was found in wheat extraction collected from a proprietary fermentation process.

IP-PA1 is an important vitamins for our immune cells. It is proven can activate our inactive macrophages.

Dr Hiroyki Inagawa - SHIRUTO

In the picture above, Dr Hiroyki Inagawa was invited to give a speech on our SHIRUTO launching in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre 5th Jan 2019.

Dr Hiroyki Inagawa has been studying about IP-PA1 since 1988 until today...


Innate immunity is a universal prophylactic system which all multi-cellular animals possess.

Macrophages are the cells that play the central role in the innate immune system.

In 1991, we discovered a substance in a water extract of wheat flour that activated macrophages after oral or intradermal administration.

Source :

SHIRUTO macrophage

-- An illustrate of Macrophages

What is Macrophages?

Macrophages are specialized cells involved in the detection, phagocytes and destruction of bacteria and other harmful organisms. In addition, they can also present antigens to T cells and initiate inflammation by releasing molecules (known as cytokines) that activate other cells.

Source :,cytokines)%20that%20activate%20other%20cells.

What is Macrophages function?

Macrophages are professional phagocytes and are highly specialized in removal of dying or dead cells and cellular debris. This role is important in chronic inflammation, as the early stages of inflammation are dominated by neutrophils, which are ingested by macrophages if they come of age


-- an illustrate how macrophages phagocytosis

Steps of a macrophage ingesting a pathogen :

a. Ingestion through phagocytosis, a phagosome is formed
b. The fusion of lysosomes with the phagosome creates a phagolysosome; the pathogen is broken down by enzymes
c. Waste material is expelled or assimilated (the latter not pictured)
1. Pathogens
2. Phagosome
3. Lysosomes
4. Waste material
5. Cytoplasm
6. Cell membrane

Source :

What is IP-PA1?

Dr Hiroyki Inagawa explains what is IP-PA1 in the video below, feel free to watch it and try to understand what is IP-PA1

Dr Hiroyki Inagawa explains how IP-PA1 helps a 4th stage cancer patient during clinical test

MUST WATCH for those who have friends or family members suffering from cancer, please click the video above to learn more about it.

SHIRUTO Nobel english

In year 2011, 3 scientists who discovered the key principles of immune system activation and awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine.

SHIRUTO - Brian Sherry

SHIRUTO is our immune system super hero

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Shiruto immune system

Why we need SHIRUTO?

If you have read through all the information that I put up above, I guess you should have a basic understanding about our immune system by now, right?

Immune system act as a defender for our body. It fights and kills bacteria that trying to harm us! Agree?

However, not everyone has strong immune system as we have different lifestyle and environment.

Besides, our immune system tends to become weak and weaker when we getting older.

What can we do if we want to strengthen our immune system?

To best way is to re-active our Macrophage!

👉 by providing IP-PA1 that macrophages needed to stay active!

Which can be found in SHIRUTO 😍

Consuming SHIRUTO is the simplest way to re-active our macrophages.

We do not need to exercise or whatsoever, just taking a sachet of SHIRUTO a day will keep our body stay strong!

So that we can keep focus on our work, let the immune system building to SHIRUTO!

Isn't it easy? 🥰

Why We Want To Activate The Immune System?

• Inhibit Infection
• Regulate Immunity
• Regulate Metabolism
• Improve Wound Healing

SHIRUTO supercharge your wellbeing

In summary, SHIRUTO can help us to...

1. Protect the body

  • Fight against and engulf (phagocyte) pathogens.
  • Meantime signaling other immune cells to attack pathogens together in order.
  • To protect human cells.

2. Regulating immune system

  • Timely regulation of immune cells to stop the attack.

3. Eliminate aged and abnormal cells

  • Eliminate destroyed pathogens, aged and abnormal cells.

4. Repair cells

  • Release immune factors to promote the repair of damaged tissue.
Shiruto immune system

SHIRUTO has patented fermentation and extraction process

The Unique and patented processing method is designed to ensure optimal performance of IP-PA1.

Fermented wheat extract (IP-PA1) (5000 Dal) will activate Macrophages (Activate Immune System)

Fermented wheat extract (IP-PA1) will helps to prevent and improve the following problems :

• Infection

• Hyperlipidaemia

• Allergy

• Gastric Ulcer
• Dermatitis

• Osteoporosis

The FIRST and ONLY Ingredient Recognized by the CIITRA from Japan

Shiruto immune system

What is CIITRA?

CIITRA is Control of Innate Immunity Technology Research Association.

  • 1982 – Honorary Professor Den’ichi Mizuno of Tokyo University started theproject on the function of macrophages in maintain health. ProfessorGen-Ichiro Soma and Professor Hiroyuki Inagawa join in the project.

  • 1988 – The macrophage activator found in wheat was discovered to be 1P-PA1.

  • 1990 – Research on the prevention and improvement of various diseases through oral ingestion of IP-PA1.

  • 1992 – Published about the effects of IP-PA1 on atopic dermatitis,improvement of hyperlipidaemia, prevention of gastric ulcer and decreasing of LDL cholesterol.

  • 1997 – Dr. Charles Janeway in US discovered IP-PA1 receptors that appearedin macrophage. As a result, revealed the macrophage activation mechanism of IP-PA1 and research on natural immunity progresseddramatically. In 2011, three researchers who contributed to the clarification of natural immunity received the Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

  • 2006 – IP-PA1 has launched to be a functional ingredient.

  • 2010 – to Present - The Innate Immunity Control Technology Research Association (certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Japan) was establishedto conduct R&D through industry-academia cooperation for various application of IP-PA1.


Lung Cancer Patient sharing his testimonial with SHIRUTO

Brain tumor patient's sharing his experience with SHIRUTO

stage 4 colorectal cancer sharing

Doctor told her must take medicine until the day she died, but what happen after that? Please click the video above to find out

Terminal cancer patient sharing her experience after taking SHIRUTO for 2 weeks

Multiple myeloma patients shares her experience with SHIRUTO and Aulora pants

003 - Shiruto Breast Cancer
牛皮癣 006
牛皮癣 005
牛皮癣 004
牛皮癣 003
牛皮癣 001
牛皮癣 002
Shiruto Zencoso
Shiruto immune system
Shiruto immune system

The above 2 pictures show the allergy was reduced a lot, just after 30 minutes of consuming Shiruto

Shiruto immune system
Shiruto Testimonial
Shiruto Testimonial
Shiruto Testimonial
Shiruto Testimonial
Shiruto Testimonial
Shiruto Testimonial
Shiruto Testimonial
Shiruto Testimonial
kodenshi pants - Sherry Liew

I received DCA recognition during a company event

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SHIRUTO is clinically proven

Below are the reports for your reference.

Shiruto immune system

Clinically Proven : Activating the Macrophages

IP-PA1 activate the activity of macrophages is 1000 times more than beta glucan and lactic acid bacteria.

Shiruto immune system

Clinically Proven: Protect the Body

1. Reduce mortality from parasites (Toxoplasma Gondii) infection

Shiruto immune system

2. Reduce dermatitis (skin problem) up to 71%

Shiruto immune system

Clinically Proven: Regulating Immune System

Shiruto immune system

Clinically Proven: Eliminate Aged and Abnormal Cells

Shiruto immune system

Macrophages help eliminate the tissue's peroxidized LDL, maintain intracellular cholesterol levels, and delay the onset of atherosclerosis.

Shiruto immune system

Clinically Proven: Repair Cells

1. Reduce Gastric Ulcer

Shiruto immune system

2. Repair insulin-producing cells and maintain insulin production (type 1 diabetes) to delay disease outbreak


I received car fund award in a company event

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Shiruto immune system

• Unique and highly effective active ingredient IP-PA1 and synergistic nutrients (vitamin C, beta-glucan)
• Clinically proven to enhance immunity
• Natural blueberry flavor
• Individually packed for convenience
• All natural botanical ingredients, suitable for vegetarians

Quality Certification

Shiruto immune system
  • GMP Certified – Strict and high standard manufacturing process
  • HALAL Certified – Muslims friendly
  • Natural botanical ingredients – Vegetarians friendly
happy family

The Benefits of a Healthy Immune System


– Help to improve immunity
– Reduce the frequency of illness


– Help to reduce allergies
– Speed up the recovery time


– Help to improve immunity

– Help to reduce infections

Recommended SHIRUTO Consumption

Shiruto immune system

as refer to the table above, our company recommend below consumption...

  • Baby 1 year old and below = Recommend to start with half sachet and max 1 sachet per day
  • Children who are 1 year old and above = 1 sachet per day
  • Adults = 2 to 4 sachets per day

*** If you want to know about exactly how many sachets that you should take per day, feel free to contact me via WhatsApp. Just let me know your age and health issue then I will advice accordingly. Thanks

be international car fund

Thanks for spending your precious time going through our website. We hope you get the information that you are looking for about SHIRUTO

We wish you always in the pink of health!

Best regards,

Brian Ong | Sherry Liew
Diamond Council Ambassador (DCA)

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